Marta performed her belly dance shows around the world and was

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<BODY> Television appearances on BBC "Wish You Were Here" with Bobby Davaro, and others such as the German stations ARD and ZDF. Breakfast Show in Kingston and "My Place" with Michael Kuff in Mandeville, Jamaica. Hello magazine with "Yasmeen" of Baywatch fame, and more... <p> PRESS COMMENTS: <br> "Bright, witty and entertaining". G. Fitz Bartley, The Jamaica Herald. <br> "Ihr Flair, ihre Leidenschaft und ihre liebe zum Publikum machten sie zu dem leuchtenden Stern des arabischen Jet-Sets und lassen ebenfalls Europeaer ins Schwearmen geraten". Erwin W. Eschenroeder, Stern magazine. <br> "Aujourd'hui, on se retrouve un corps en rede'couvrant les plaisirs de la musique et de la danse... orientale. Le pre'cuseur de cette nouvelle formule et de'ja tres appre'cie' en Allemagne, est une charmante danseuse: 'MARTA'...". Alain-Brun-Jacob, Nice Matin. </p> </BODY>