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marta the legend belly dance at the Le Meridien Hotel in Abu Dhabi  marta interview and performance in Luxembourg for the publication of her book Anmutig und Fit durch Bauchtanz

TV parties

marta and cleo kretschmer in Munich for the 'Arabian Nights' show  marta in the Yildizlar Restaurant with Omar Sharif

The rich and the famous.

Marta belly dance show for Citibank in Pakistan   Marta dancing for a national wedding in Abu Dhabi
Marta in Jamaica for British Airways

Trusthouse Forte Hotel, Jamaica

"From the curtained pavilion she had appeared:
the rising sun in sign of luck,
or a pearl from the sea, to the diver a sight
that he shouts for joy and falls to his knees"
-Nabiga of Dhubyan

marta the legend belly dancing in Kingston, Jamaica

British Airlines Arabic Food Promotion

marta dancing in the traditional Egyptian Zafa performed at weddings

Egyptian carneval

rod stewart visits marta in Dubai  marta and rod stewart dancing in Dubai

Top of the Pop voice, Rod Stewart visits with Orbit satellite, Marta

marta in the desert

The 4-wheel guys who take everyone to the desert party and home again.

marta and yasmine bleeth dancing in the Dubai desert

Baywatch coming to the party tent of Marta.

Nobody leaves the party without Henna...

dora the henna artist

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